Happy Birthday Moscow!

The Russian capital and our favourite city is celebrating its 864th birthday.  Congratulations Moscow!!!

Events in the City Day

Unlike last year when Moscow City Day has been shortened from the two days to just one, this time we will have two days to enjoy the celebration. Within the City Day thre will be held a number of interesting events! Which ones? We’ll tell you now!

Muzeon park becomes a “Fast Theatre Park”on the stage of which the artists of the following theatres “Sphere” , “ApARTe”, Pushkin’s and “Theater on Malaya Bronnay” will present their productions of contemporary plays.

15:00 - 15:20, 17:00 - 17:20 - solo concert artist Dmitry Mikhailovich Novikov (Theatre “Sphere”) lyrical songs, ballads and urban romance with a guitar.

15:30 - 15:45 - Performance of readers from the “Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya”: poetry and prose from the works associated with Moscow.

16:00 - 16:40 - Andrew Galamaga’s poems (Theatre ApARTe).

17:40 - 18:40 - musical and poetic program of the Pushkin’s Theater.

September 1

Aerialists on Tverskaya

An unusual dance mystery “Cosmogony” will take place on Tverskaya Square. Vertical show by the street theater Les Passagers won’t leave you indifferent while looking at the complex and dangerous stunts.

You will see twelve tableaux on the theme of World creation. Vertical show synthesizes a lot of art forms - theater, dance, music, acrobatics, video art and more.

September 1, 21:30

Double-decker guide-buses

Double-decker buses which are so well-known in other European capitals eventually came to Moscow. Guide-buses go on a tour route of 10 kilometers within the Garden Ring (Sadovoye Kol’tso) have appeared on the streets on Moscow. Excursion around the city center takes about an hour.

Opening hours: 10.00 - 18.00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 19:00 on weekends and public holidays.

Ticket are 600 rubles per day - that means you can leave the bus and get in again as many times as you want. A trip for children of three years and pensioners will cost 400 rubles, for students - 300 rubles. WWII veterans, the disabled and children under three years old can use the service for free.

Mysterious Moscow Walking Tour

Magic is all around us even though we might not notice it. Guys from WowMoscow project will show you the most magical and mystical spots of Moscow during our walking tour.

They planned the route and the stories along the walk that way so it could be equally interesting for those who visits Moscow for the first time and for those who have been here before and even those who live here.
When: September 9, 2.00 pm

Where: meeting place is a monument to Zhukov on Manege Square, Metro Okhotny Ryad.

During 3 hour excursion guys will reveal you mysteries of the Kremlin and legends of other secret Moscow places:

- wonder around famous Ryabushinskiy’s mansion and see the most wonderful staircase in Moscow;

- learn about Peter the Great’s friend and famous Moscow alchemist and magician Jacob Bruce;

- learn more about 'Russian St. Valentines';

- visit the most magical spots from Bulgakov’s novel ‘Master and Margarete’ - the house, beloved by Voland and Margarete’s mansion;

- discover why Patriarshie ponds are regarded as one of the most mystical places and will know why there is no monument to Bulgakov in Moscow.

You will walk along the wonderful old Moscow streets and you will have a chance to make as many wishes as you like in the most powerful Moscow’s ‘make-a-wish’ places!

Please make a reservation for the tour at the WowMoscow website.

QR-Codes on the buildings of Moscow

Signs with QR-codes began to appear on the historic monuments of the capital.Just point you smartphone to the code and you will be redirected to the portal with the detailed information about the building or event.

Objects are planned to be divided into groups by themes. This year three routes are planned to open “Arbatstreet and Arbat lanes”, “Zamoskvorechye”, “War of 1812”.

Jazz Festival in the “Ermitazh” Garden

Music in the open air - it’s so romantic! Three days the most famous musicians of
Russia, USA, Austria, Poland and Israel will be performing for you.

Among the Russian musicians - Peter Vostokov’ orchestra , saxophonist and singer Valery Kiselyov and Anna Korolyova. The highlight of the festival will be the world-famous pianist George Colligan.

From 24 to 26 August, 17.00
Admission: 500 - 3400 rubles
Location: ul. Karetny ryad, 3
Phone: +7 (495) 699 08 49

Soviet confectionary

At the exhibition “The Soviet confectionary” you can see, and even buy such ancient wonders Soviet confectionary art:

'Kievsky” cake

cake “Leningradsky”

cake “Kartoshka” (Potatoe)

and “Zavarnoye” cakes

Prior to September 15

Admission: Free

Location: Museum of Contemporary Russian History

Address: Tverskaya, 21

Time Out Bar

If you have not visited this place yet, be sure - it is time to check it out!

A new project - Time Out Bar is opened in the tower of the Pekin (Beijing) hotel on the 13th floor. You will find stunning views of the city and lots of romance.

Its working time is from 6 pm to 6 am. Time Out combines modern design and unusual one (in the Dutch style) in which incorporated the restored mural on the ceiling and the original mosaic floor (restored).

You will find the music of famous DJs and luxurious selection of cocktails from he famous chef and bartender of the famous restaurants Alexander Kahn.
Parties with an international club-music stars are held in the club.

Opening hours - from 18:00 until last guest.
Location: Bolshaya sadovaya 5/1, 13rd Floor
Tel. 650-18-65, 650-19-61.


The legendary new-metal band “KoЯn”, which got thousands of fans around the world and released many cult singles goes back to Russia.

This time the concert will be held in the capital in the club “Stadium Live”. You will hear not only the hits, but new experimental work in a so popular nowadays “dubstep” style.

August 21 20:30